Crochet Tips: What To Do With Scrap Yarn?


Crochet Tips: What to do with scrap yarn?   What do you do with your scrap yarn?? This is what I have been doing.    Most projects leave about 1-2 ounces of yarn left on the skein. I have been

Free Crochet Pattern: Baby Granny Hat

Granny Hat Pattern

Free crochet pattern: Baby Granny Hat Pattern Updated 4/22/15: This pattern was previously published on the “mypoochiebaby” website. This is the updated version. This sweet little hat is so easy and quick to make! Add some flower embellishments to make

Free Crochet Pattern – Face Scrubby

Free face scrubby crochet pattern

Free Crochet Pattern: Free Crochet Pattern for a Face Scrubby These crochet face scrubbies are great. They can be washed and re-used…. Help save the planet and go green! See all of the patterns I have available at Ravelry, Craftsy

Made to Order Crochet Blankets

Seaside Dreams Crochet Blanket

Crochet Blankets: Made to crochet blankets are now being added to the Poochie Baby Store. Here are the first blankets being added to the Poochie Baby store. You can still find ALL of the blanket I have available for sale

Crochet Tutorial: Headband with Flowers

Poochie Baby's headband with some flower embellishments.

Crafts: Crochet Tutorial – Headband with Flowers Last week, one of my readers, Renietta (who sent me the lovely picture above), contacted me through Facebook with her version of my headband/ear warmer pattern. This is how she made it: Follow

Add Your iPad Mini to Your Filofax A5

iPad mini and A5 Filofax

Organization: Add Your iPad Mini to Your Filofax A5 Analog planning is very beneficial……… but sometimes you just need to have a digital planner or access to your files, email, internet, etc. I have combined my analog/paper based planning system

Poochie Baby’s March 2015 Reading List

The Perfect Play

Lifestyle: Poochie Baby’s March 2015 Reading List March was a slow month for reading…. I generally read one book every day or so. Many people ask me how I do this. It is easy to do when you “listen” to

How to Make a Crochet Flower Bouquet

Learn how to make a crochet flower bouquet

Crafts: How to Make a Crochet Flower Bouquet Crochet flower bouquets add color to your home decor… or, they can be made into pretty and whimsical bridal bouquets. Just check online and you will find many available for sale. Beading,

Crochet Patterns Now On the Site

poochie baby crochet patterns

Crafts: Poochie Baby’s crochet patterns are now available directly from this site! Finally, I have the majority of the patterns listed here on the redesigned website. They continue to be available on Craftsy, Ravelry and in my Etsy Shop but

Digital Bullet Journal Using Microsoft OneNote

digital bullet journal

Organization: Digital Bullet Journal Using Microsoft OneNote Last week I decided to test out a “digital” bullet journal system. While spending time on You Tube, I noticed that there is a new version of Microsoft OneNote available to everyone for