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Crochet Blankets:
Crochet Baby Blankets…. made by Michele a.k.a. Poochie Baby

Poochie Baby's crochet shop
Poochie Baby’s Crochet Shop

These blankets are all handmade with lots of love! The majority are “Made to Order”, which means they are not made until the items is actually purchased. So, please double check the item descriptions for approximate timelines for making and shipping, etc.

All of my blankets make special gifts for friends and family!

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You can purchase my easy to follow crochet patterns at the following sites: Poochie Baby Blog Shop - Craftsy - Ravelry - Etsy
I list my patterns in different shops to give people options.... Some of you may wish to keep all your purchases at one site, such as in your Ravelry library. The largest selection of patterns and digital downloads can be found only at the Poochie Baby Blog Shop. Please note that all purchase information is kept private and used only for credit card processing verification and/or shipping.
Digital planner printables and stickers can be found for sale at the Poochie Baby Blog Shop. These products are generally not for sale at any other site.
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