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Digital Bullet Journal Using Microsoft OneNote

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Organization: Digital Bullet Journal Using Microsoft OneNote

Last week I decided to test out a “digital” bullet journal system. While spending time on You Tube, I noticed that there is a new version of Microsoft OneNote available to everyone for free. It comes in all platforms so I can use it on my computer and all of my devices. – I have tried OneNote in the past and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. But now……. I love it!

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So, I am now trying out OneNote as my digital bullet journal. I have notebooks set up for different subjects such as: blogging, personal, business, family, etc. Then in each notebook, I have tabs for different sections such as Family: Me, Family: My husband. Then you can add individual notes into each tab. I have added in files that I use routinely such as daily planner sheets, calendars, etc.  I have been keeping all of my new notes in the program and this is what I love the most….. I can write or type anywhere on the note without formatting issues.

I currently have the software installed on two office computers, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) and my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone. I really recommend the Galaxy Note products if you are looking for devices that are designed for note taking (with a pen). I am on my second versions of both the Note phone and tablet already!

To get an idea of how I set up my digital bullet journal, watch my video:

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A few words about Evernote……. I am still a fan of that software and continue to use it. It serves a completely different purpose for me and acts as my digital filing cabinet. It’s not that great for taking notes though… which is why I currently prefer OneNote.

If you are a techno geek, like me, test out OneNote. It won’t cost you anything to try it!

Happy Planning Folks!



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  1. I just bought a Samsung and was wondering what stylus you are using/used for the NON-S Pen tablet. Really enjoyed the Bullet Journal video. Thanks.

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