Traveler’s Notebook – One Planner to Rule Them All?

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Traveler’s Notebook – One Planner to Rule Them All?

Fauxdori planners
Traveler’s Notebook

It’s the end of the year and time to think about which planner to use for next year. I was fully convinced that I was going to stay in my Evernote Moleskine journal through the beginning of 2016 but something changed my mind. I really wanted to archive my books for 2015. That meant that the Moleskine had to be put on the shelf. So, what to use for the coming year?

I know I must have a bullet journal in order to function on a semi-productive basis everyday. Also, I really did not want to keep re-writing important information from one book to the next when it was time to switch. So, in comes the traveler’s notebook. This system is so flexible. I can have my business notebook, yearly calendar, daily bullet journal, etc. all back in one place….. but separate.

I have a collection of traveler’s notebooks…. some I have purchased but most I have made myself. I sometimes sell these in my Etsy shop. You can check to see if I have any available now by visiting my shop. I recently made some changes to the books.. but that post will be coming soon.

See my collection here in this video:



See how I currently have my fauxdori, Traveler’s Notebook setup here in this video:



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Are you interested in the ZLYC Traveler’s Notebooks? The set can be purchased from Amazon HERE. You won’t regret buying this set. It is so worth it! Also, I purchase my Moleskine Cahier notebooks through Amazon. They come in a set of three. All you need to do is cut down the width to 11 cm’s and they will fit nicely into a standard size traveler’s notebook.

Fauxdori Collection
My Traveler’s Notebook Collection

I plan to use this book starting out in 2016. Let’s see how long it lasts!

I have made the vertical elastic traveler’s notebooks available in my Etsy shop.

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Happy Planning!


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